Del Aeropuerto a Playa del Carmen, como llegar

5 Ways To Get To Playa Del Carmen From Cancun Airport

If it’s the first time you visit Playa del Carmen and you arrive at the Cancun airport, you must travel approximately 45 more minutes to get to Playa del Carmen, and there are different ways with accessible prices for everyone, we’ll tell you here…

1.- Rent a Car

If you plan on visiting little towns and several places along the Riviera Maya and passing by Playa del Carmen, the best choice would be to rent a car. It’s very simple, the airport has stands set up with all the different rental car agencies and they’ll approach you as you arrive, so you really won’t lose any time searching. The prices vary from the type of car, season, agency and rental days, so we recommend asking and comparing prices.

Rentar Carro en el aeropuerto de cancun

2.- Taxi From Cancun Airpot to Playa del Carmen

For those who want an easier approach and are willing to pay a few more bucks, the best choice would be a taxi. This is also very simple because again, the sales agents will approach you offering their services. So no need to worry about losing time on that either. Prices vary from MXN $800 – $1,000 pesos depending on the agency and the season.

Taxi aeropuerto cancun a playa del carmen

3.- Collective Taxi

If you’re traveling with a group of friends there’s a truck/taxi you can rent where 10 to 12 people can fit in, these are found in the same car or taxi rental agencies. The price range is about $1,500 – $2,000 pesos, so it’s $150 – $200 pesos per person, which is approximately the same price for a bus ticket from ADO (more about this below). No waiting is required but this will only drop you off in Playa del Carmen and is not a whole day rental.

Taxi Colectivo Cancún A Playa del Carmen

4.- Bus

The most frequently used method to travel to Playa del Carmen is by bus. There are ADO buses that have departures approximately every 30 minutes. The price is $180 pesos and in 45 minutes you will arrive in Playa del Carmen.

5.- Collective Kombi

If you’re backpacking and want to save up some money, or if you arrived late at night (after 1:00 am) you would have to take the ADO bus to the central bus station in Cancun, this costs about $60 – $70 pesos; outside of the bus station in Cancun are the collective kombis, those will take you to Playa del Carmen for $30 – $40 pesos.

Combi colectiva de cancun a playa del carmen

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