One of the most important activities for visitors to Playa del Carmen and  Riviera Maya is to explore all the natural beauties surrounding it and mainly take the time to visit and swim in a cenote. They say, there is not so far a precise number of cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula, as to date they are still discovering these amazing natural pools, so practically it is impossible to know them all during your vacation.

One of the most wonderful cenotes and which is far away from Playa del Carmen is cenote Ik Kil, located at kilometer 122 of the road Mérida – Puerto Juarez. This cenote is inside the facilities of a hotel complex bearing the same name and is a place with plenty of vegetation and birds.

This cenote is amazing for its depth and size; additionally, it looks like almost a perfect circle. There is a carved stairway with several sorts of balconies on different levels which allow you to see the cenote while you are moving down, there is also a small platform from which you can jump into the water over and over again. Water temperature is a bit cold because it is not directly exposed to the sun but once inside you get used to it.

In order to arrive at this site leaving from Playa del Carmen, you have two ways. One is via the road leading to Tulum and from there take the deviation to Valladolid, and the second is taking the highway leading to Chichen Itza. Tour agents will generally offer you to visit the cenote in the Chichen Itza tour as it is very close to this archaeological zone, but if you really wish to enjoy the place I recommend you go by car, stay nearby and explore the area. If you go by tour you hardly have time for a dive and that is it.

Preferably visit this place any day midweek because due to its fame during weekends this site is overbooked and not to speak of holidays when you have to stay in line waiting just to have a jump.

Entry is 6 USD; there are showers, lifeguards, and lockers to store your personal stuff. It is mandatory to take a quick shower before entering in the cenote in order to remove perfume, sunscreen and whatever chemicals we carry on our the body which could pollute the water.

Cenotes Playa del Carmen Cenote Ik Kil Yucatán

This is one of the places you have to visit if you come to Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya and just let us know how you did like it and what you think about this cenote!


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