Playa del Carmen is a tourist destination where you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Mexico, know the most fun you ever imagined ecological parks, and dance until the dawn.

12th Street

12th Street is known by local people and visitors as a street of the discotheques, and in the evening it comes alive with Latin rhythms and the hits of the moment, causing many of the young visitors to concentrate on that area for an evening full of fun.

With visitors from around the world 12th Street gets a cosmopolitan tone with a relaxed atmosphere, tropical and open-minded, it becomes the favorite street for the youth.


Where to go on 12th Street Playa del Carmen?

Coco Bongo

It is a nightclub with an unusual concept. you can dance and drink all night without stopping, It offers a fantastic spectacle that has made the Coco Bongo a must for anyone passing through Playa del Carmen.

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it’s a very exclusive club where the beautiful people go, with a very nice decoration, with open space to the street.

It has three different areas with different music as well.



It is one of the best mounted and best decoration in Playa del Carmen clubs.

The music is good and is full of attractive girls and young boys.


Coco Maya

It is a beach club offering various spaces with different music

They have electronic music,  Latin music, and R & B.


Blue Parrot
The Blue Parrot is a classic and a landmark night of Playa del Carmen. It is a beach club that offers a little less electronic musical selection that Coco Maya. Also good animation and shows with fire and others.


La Mezcalina

This club, also located on 12th Street, is one of the cheapest and the most frequented by the locals. Electronic music and cheap drinks.

¡HEYYY!,  If you go, you should drink mezcal.


La Salsanera

It is situated in front of the Palazzo and Coco Bongo and is the club where people usually go enjoying Latin music.

If you like to dance salsa, this is the place.


La Vaquita

This nightclub is a favorite place to enjoy and dance to all kinds of music, you can dance reggaeton, and sing countless songs with everyone.

This place is the most accessible and the most fun.



This club is the newest at 12th Street, the environment is similar to La vaquita, is fun and cheap, but it is less crowded.

Any club you choose I assure to be incredibly funny.


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