Privacy Policy

As established by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Third Parties, Viva Playa presents this Privacy Notice that has been submitted in accordance with the Mexican laws applicable to the usage of internet and also applicable to this application.

In Viva Playa (responsible of this application and its content) we respect your privacy and we value the commitment acquired with you. For that reason, this notice describes the type of personal data that we gather on this site, the way we handle the information and with whom we share it. Personal Data should be understand as information referring to a identifiable, physical person, that includes, name, address, gender, preferences, e-mail, phone number and other data of said person. Our notice also describes the measures we’ve adopted to protect the security of your personal data. Also we inform you about how and where to contact us for:

  • Access, correct or eliminate personal data you have provided.
  • Remove any consent that you have given previously for the processing of your personal data.
  • Ask that we do not contact you with promotional material of our products or services.
  • Ask any questions about our privacy practice.

We beg you to carefully read this agreement, as by using this site you are accepting tacitly to the conditions described on the same.

Now we will list the conditions of this agreement:


a) Personal data given directly, including but not limited to the following:

  • Contact.
  • Social Media or other communications.
  • Registration of commercial activities.
  • Contests, raffles or other promotions.

b) Automated compilation of personal data.

  • Register files.
  • Cookies.
  • Beacons.

c) Where and for what will be used the information:

  • How we share personal information.
  • Links to other sites.
  • How we protect personal data.
  • Access and modifications.
  • Updates to our Privacy Notice.
  • Announcements, chat rooms, blogs and other users forums.
  • Contact Viva Playa.

1.- Compilation and usage of personal data.

a) Personal data given.

You can choose if you give us your personal information or not, including but not limited to the following information: name, address, phone number or e-mail, among others, through our application. If you decide not to facilitate your personal data, you may not have access to some of the services we offer on our application. Now we will explain how to facilitate your personal data, what type of data you must include and how we use them.


If you contact us through out application, we may request your personal data, like name, e-mail and phone numbers, to be able to answer your questions and comments. If you wish, you are able to introduce additional information.

Social Media and other communications.

On our application you will be able to register to receive bulletins and other communications about our services and promotions through the tools provided by the social networks. When registering, we will request your personal information, like name, e-mail, among others. We use this information to send you notifications you requested.

Registration of commercial activities.

If you access some of the sections of the application, we may collect information about your purchase service preferences, with the purpose of identifying your tendencies and offer quality services.


When you realize any purchase on our application, we request data of credit or debit cards, this information is protected by the highest standard of security and they are only used to process your orders.

Contests, raffles or other promotions.

In some cases we create contests, raffles and other promotions. If you want to participate, we will request personal information, name, e-mail and phone number for these promotions.

b) Automated recompilation of personal data.

When visiting this application, we compile automatically some personal data, that we then add to a group for those not associated to one identifiable person. With this information we elaborate statistics about how many users visited our application and to which pages they accessed. By compiling this information, we learn to adapt this application the best way possible for our visitors. As we explained, we compile this information through “temporary files”, “cookies”, or,”web beacons”.

Register Files

Temporary files are web archives on the server that are created automatically when a user visits a application. Once you leave the application, we process and use this information only to allow more connections, to detect interruptions on the telecommunications equipment as to detect abuses on our telecommunication services. This information is eliminated immediately once the connection with our application is terminated.

This information is used to create general profiles on our user database on the application and to create custom profiles. In case of interruptions or misuse, we reserve the right to present a demand to the competent authorities. We will not use this information for other purposes and it will not be shared with third parties, excluding the stipulated on the section “How we share personal data”.


Like many businesses, we use “cookies” or similar elements on our application. Cookies are text files that are stored on your device hard drive when you visit some application. We use cookies to know if you had previously visited our application or if it’s the first time you do it, also to help us identify applications of the application that you may be interested. Cookies can improve your experience online by reminding you passwords, or showing your preferences when you visit a particular application.

Web Beacons.

Some websites, like our own, contain web beacons. Web beacons allow third parties to obtain information, like the IP address of the computer that downloaded the website where the beacon was, the URL of the page accessed, time of the visit, type of browser used to access the website and information of cookies sent by the third party.

c) Where and for what your personal information will be used.

Your personal data will be collected and processed on Mexico and/or EEUU. However, as an international business, Viva Playa can from time to time, transfer your personal data to a database and allow access to our subsidiaries across the world.

Your personal data will be compiled with the purpose of providing services and products required by you; inform changes or new products that are related to the contract acquired by you; comply the obligations we have to our clients; evaluate the quality of our service, and perform internal studies about consumer habits.

You understand and accept that your personal data can be send to the United States or other countries with a decent data protection level, and that Viva Playa has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the protection of your personal data. If you no longer agree to the transmission of your personal data, as it is stated below, contact us “Contact Viva Playa”.

2.- How we share personal data.

We do not sell or reveal personal data of the visitors of our application. We can share your personal data with subsidiaries of Viva Playa to send news and/or specific promotions that we notify when registering to our site.

We can also share your personal data with service providers that we contacted to offer services on our behalf. These parties only receive the personal data that need for certain tasks. They can only use and reveal to offer services on our behalf or to comply with the legal requisites. Additionally, we can reveal your personal data:

  • If the lay or a legal process demands it.
  • Before competent authorities or other government authorities.
  • When we consider that the publishing of the same is necessary, or proper to avoid physical damage or economical losses or relating an investigation about illegal activities, alleged or actual and other provided by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Third Parties

We reserve the right of transmitting your personal data in case of selling or trespassing the totality or part of our business. In case that sale happens, we will do everything in our power to encourage the next owner to use your personal data through this application following this agreement. If you do not want that your personal data to be processed after the change of hands, you must get in contact with the next owner.

3.- Links to other websites.

For your convenience and information, our application can offer links to other websites. Said sites work independently to our site. This links have their own privacy agreement, that recommend you to read carefully if you visit any of them. If the sites you visit are not related to Viva Playa, we will not be held responsible of its content, maintenance or availability.

4.- How we protect personal data.

This application is protected administrative, technically and physically to avoid losses, misuse, non-authorized access, publications, modifications or destruction of the personal data provided.

5.- Access and modifications.

In case you wish to execute any of your right over your personal information, you can contact us through our Customer Service/Privacy Office 24 hours 365 days a year with the contact means on section 8 “Contact Viva Playa” of this notice, there you will be informed about the mechanisms to follow to enforce this rights.

6.- Updates to our Privacy Notice.

We can update periodically the present Notice to reflect the changes to our practices of security regarding the information provided, this modifications will be applied to our application (Privacy notice section).

7.- Announcements, chat rooms, blogs, and other user forums.

Personal data on announcements, chat rooms, blogs and other user forums transform into public information. Be careful of using these applications on our application.

8.- Contact Viva Playa.

In case you have any questions or wish to enforce any of your rights over your personal data (ARCO) you can contact us through our Customer Service/Privacy Office 24 hours 365 days a year:

  • Consider that within the personal data, sensible information can be found, being these, any that can affect the most intimate sphere of its titular, or which usage can be a reason for discrimination or carries a risk for him/her. In particular, it is considers specially sensible those that can reveal aspects like racial origin, present and future health state, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, syndicate affiliations, political opinions, sexual preferences, etc.
  • ARCO: (A) Access, (R) Rectification, (C) Correction, (O) Oposition.