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Reasons to Celebrate New Year’s in Playa del Carmen

Do you plan on spending new year’s eve wearing red underwear and eating grapes at your Aunt Cuca’s house? Come to Playa del Carmen instead and celebrate like a pro!

Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Riviera Maya, is not only a great destination to visit any time of year, it’s crystal clear beaches, the warm weather, the people and the nightlife will trap you from the moment you get here for the first time. For many it’s a destination to pass through, others embrace it as their new home, and some see it as their favorite destination to escape from the routine they sometimes submerge in in their cities.

Razones para celebrar Año Nuevo en Playa del Carmen

Playa is a calm place where many things happen, but sometimes to the locals, it seems as if nothing happens really. Except for the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, there doesn’t really exist annual events that we can qualify as “memorable”, except for New Year’s Eve, experiencing this special occasion in Playa del Carmen is something you have to do and below we give you some good reasons.

  • Because the main streets become the biggest ballroom and party in the Caribbean, every bar, restaurant, every store offers an option so you can have a good time. An enormous multicultural parade takes the streets in human waves with smiling faces willing to have a good time.

Fin de año en Playa del Carmen, calle 12

  • There are parties in every condo building, apartments, gardens… everyone want to organize the best party and on some occasions end teaming up with other events which makes the party mode burst out in everyone and the energy is incomparable.
  • The major party organizers throw the house through the window and bring the best DJs and chose the best locations to throw the party.

djs playa del carmen

  • Because the weather lets the ladies wear very VERY short clothes and the guys well sometimes only cover up to where it’s “legally accepted”. Do we need to explain why we love the heat?
  • Playa is so culturally diverse that it offers the opportunity to appreciate how people from various countries celebrate the incoming of a new year, something that you can later tell to your friends.

Entrevista BPM Festival para Viva Playa

  • Partying in Playa del Carmen up to this moment at dawn will destroy you much less than in a city that is not at sea level. That means that you’ll be able to party on, you can even stick it until the day of the Reyes Magos if you want.
  • After experiencing New Year’s in Playa del Carmen, you won’t want to spend another one anywhere else.


So… your Aunt Cuca’s house or Playa?


Fotos: BPM Festival, Studio Gráfico 28