Get To Know : Puerto Aventuras

Get To Know : Puerto Aventuras

Are you one of those people who think Playa del Carmen is just 5th avenue and the beach? But we’re the Heart of the Riviera Maya, there has to be more! Don’t you think? Don’t worry, we totally get the fear of the unknown, that’s why Viva Playa’s investigation team adventured and went past 45th avenue and 5 Sur and we’ll be sharing with you our most humble perception of the alternatives that we have to hang in Playa and what surrounds it.

Surely you love to spend your weekends in Tulum My Love… But have you noticed what’s on the way? At just 24 km of Playa there is a residential and sport complex called Puerto Aventuras. We’ll tell you a little bit about this place.

Puerto Aventuras Quintana Roo

Puerto Aventuras is one of the principal destinies for travelers that are looking to relax,  it’s also a place people choose to enjoy their retirement. That’s right! Basically it’s a division that consists of villas, apartments, and several resorts of prestige that makes it a favorite for lots of tourists who visit the Riviera Maya.

What is there to do?

Puerto Aventuras counts with all the essentials to have a good… day. You will find beautiful beaches which are also in front of the world’s second largest coral reef line. If you go near one of the resorts that has a name of a spanish city (it starts with Catalonia), you will find a lagoon full of fish which has a small public access. Ideal for snorkeling, very safe too, so if you have little ones they can come along.

The essence of Puerto Aventuras is the marine and if aquatic sports is your thing then you’ll love it, because there’s everything from snorkeling to sportfishing in its bay area. At walking distance you can find everything: golf court, marine, tennis club, schools, tourism offices, dolphin swim, church, postal office, and a small mall with some restaurants.

Marina de Puerto Aventuras Buceo y snorquel en puerto aventuras

So… do you recommend it?

It’s a nice place to enjoy with the family… or for retirement… walking along the marine at sunset is very nice especially if you’re on some sort of romantic date, also (without paying) you can watch the dolphins and the manatees that “live” there. Being a residential zone, it has plenty of security around (you will have to identify yourself before entering) and if what you’re looking for is a party, don’t go; party lovers call it “Muerto Aventuras”, you call the shots.

Nado con delfines en Puerto Aventuras

What to eat?

Honestly, the most recommended by locals, are the tacos from “El Arbolito”, you can find them by the roadside, passing the u-turn toward the complex, in front of the bridge. Delicious, exquisite, local, typical and at a very good price. Not to be missed.

How to get there?

Puerto Aventuras is located 78 Km from Cancun’s international airport and 24 Km south of Playa del Carmen. By car take the highway from Cancun to Tulum and 24 Km in, take Puerto Aventuras’ bridge lateral (passing Puerto Maya) and go back toward Playa del Carmen. The collective transportation will drop you off at the other side of the road, and the ideal thing is to explore the area walking, but we recommend taking a taxi, and once you’re inside you can go explore.

Ir de Playa del Carmen a Puerto Aventuras

Are you an expert in Puerto Aventuras? Share your tips with us so we can make the most out of this beautiful place.


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