Day Zero Festival @ Playa del Carmen by Crosstown Rebels

On 20-21 December 2012 Crosstown Rebels will proudly present a selection of the finest electronic artists on earth, assembling for Day Zero. Located in sun-soaked Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the event will celebrate the momentous end of this world cycle, as decreed by the ancient Mayan civilisation. 24 solid hours of pulsating electronic music and entertainment, including specially prepared sets from some of the world’s finest DJs as they embrace a new moment in time.

The occasion will mark the end-date of a 25,625-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. The fresh start will be accompanied by high energy, absolute love, deep beats and a celebration of the new dawn. As the astronomical alignments and numerological formulae gather pace Day Zero will open its arms to the masses as transition takes place.

From a pyramid site set between two lakes in Playa del Carmen, the centre of Mayan civilisation, Day Zero will bring a magical mix of sound and music from the most forward-thinking electronic music artists as they count down 24 hours to the climax at 11 minutes past 6pm on December 21st 2012.

At this moment the galactic alignment will occur, as for the first time in 25,625 years the earth will align with the centre of the Milky Way creating a moment for transformation, renewal and change.

This once in a lifetime event will also welcome a broad selection of outstanding alternative performances, workshops, games from Mayan Culture, and jaw-dropping 3D visuals and projections.

Music: Metrika – Mayas (Forthcoming DAY ZERO album)
Film: David Terranova
Artwork: Ana Rifa

Day Zero Festival @ Playa del Carmen

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