Playa del Carmen is much more than just beautiful beaches and parties that break with the sun. Even though for years that impression of this touristic destination has been present, it is also true that today it’s more than just a place to visit, being one of the fastest growing areas in the country to live in.

For a small community to be able to turn into a city, a lot of work was required, although it wasn’t always well planned, being that we all know of “the shortcomings” the people of Playa del Carmen live with. Although every time we have more appropriate roads, medical services, schools and malls, the cultural offer is still in development. We now have an impressive city theater, a few galleries, and forums, but for years artists in Playa have had to struggle to get adequate spaces for artistic expression and especially for the exposition of the same.

One of the spaces that’s survived with time is the “Proyecto Caminarte” which its purpose is precise to provide to local artists an escape to exhibit and promote their work to the locals and visitors, national and foreign, which gives the touristic offerings a plus in Playa del Carmen, heart of the Riviera Maya.

Every Thursday night, the 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen becomes an enormous gallery where visitors can appreciate beautiful paintings and photography with different styles and the best part is if you wish, you can obtain one of these pieces because everything that’s exhibited is for sale. The best part is that generally, the artist is presently exposing their work, which gives an opportunity from their own voice to tell you a little about what they felt while making it.

 Art 5th avenue Playa del Carmen

Every work of art is an honest reflection of each artist’s vision about the world, the Riviera Maya and Playa, making Caminarte a unique experience and that those who visit Playa shouldn’t miss, because the contrast of art in restaurants, bars, and boutiques lets us turn and see the beauty in the simple, the abstract, color and shape, inviting us to disconnect a little from the material things, giving pathway to the emotions that only art makes us feel.

The Caminarte project is an opportunity not only for the exhibitor but for the tourist as well, and it also offers a higher value to the experience of walking through the most famous 5th avenue of Playa del Carmen, creating a unique atmosphere, with a modern but simple touch, relaxed, with that Caribbean Playense sense that characterizes Playa del Carmen.

Every Thursday when the sun goes down until 11 pm.

5th Avenue between 18th street and Constituyentes, although on some occasions Caminarte turns itinerant and moves several meters up to 30th street.

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