¿Why Coco Bongo Show Continues To Be The King Of The Party in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen, located in the Heart of the Riviera Maya is worldwide famous for its beautiful beaches and the quiet and relaxed lifestyle of its residents. All those visiting this place and from the very time they were planning the trip, they knew that Playa is well known for its nightlife which is quite different from other places in Mexico and the world. Dress codes don’t exist at Playa, nor barriers of security personnel screening people as if they were merchandise, selecting them by social status, clothes they wear or skin color. (Unfortunately, this is frequently done in other places). Playa is different; if you want to have a good time here, all you need is a positive attitude and your wishes to have fun, of course, to bring some clothes on, for that of “unintentional touches.”

You can find In Playa del Carmen bars, clubs and discos of different styles. These places may be for preppies, rockers, for those who love dancing and parties and course for electronic music fans.  Playa hosts several of the most celebrated events of this music style in the world.

Some of the most iconic and classic places in Playa del Carmen have disappeared for a different reason, a few of them have seasonal closings and others have just completed its life cycle. However, some others can position themselves and make roots, and today people from all parts of the world come to the Heart of the Riviera Maya only and exclusively to visit these amusement places.

This is the case of Coco Bongo, the undisputed king of Calle 12, located in the very heart of Playa del Carmen. With 3 stories high, this famous “infamous” Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen arises as the night’s absolute champion, of which is popularly said that “humiliates the nightlife of Las Vegas”. Why? Why is this place still considered the King of the night?

1. The concept

Possibly you have visited Disneyland, Broadway, went to the movies, a rock concert, a graduation party, stag night and any New Year’s Eve celebration …but, all in one night? Only in Coco Bongo show, you can live this amazing experience. Incredible shows that are seasonally updated keep you applauding acrobatics, dances, and spectacular bodies all to the rhythm of classics, ranging from rock to the batucada, mambo, and rumba … no one should stay out, there is fun for all tastes, and drinks flowing all night to your table as you come into the place.

2. Logistics

An Impressive logistics takes place at Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen every night in order to maintain the operation running properly. This kind of details perhaps is not a big deal for you by the time you go out to enjoy your time because you simply wish to have lots of fun and end up full of enjoyment, but this point is extremely important! Coco Bongo receives hundreds of attendees daily. How can they all accommodate in? You have to stand in line, yes … but duly in order, and everyone goes in. While members of the staff grant you access you receive a welcome drink offered by another member of the place and many more persons are responsible for the development of the operations, as you may know, the show is 100% live and continuous.

The show has no intervals or pauses between acts, sound faults or special effects. Everything works well synchronized like clockwork … it might look like mechanical, but it is the result of the great work, control, and organization performed by a dedicating personnel. At Coco Bongo, your table will always have (several) drinks at your disposal, as many as you wish! You may watch the show or just the ambiance around you … it’s amazing how all works perfectly. (Even the most boring engineers will have fun looking around).

Que hacer en playa del carmen - Coco Bongo

3. The big party

Some shows evoke nostalgia for the cinema and the great rock stars of past times, awesome production effects, artists performing with all the attitude of shining and a booming sound (sometimes overly resonant, we must admit), if what you are looking for is a real endless party, one top notch intense party that never stops since you arrive … in Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen you have it. Whether you come on vacation, in a group or with your partner or if you are local: You have a blast of a good time here! We promise. If you do not arrive with a good attitude, where there is plenty of it and at the end of the day you will get involved in the party as the best.


Calle 12 esquina Avenida 10, Col. Centro, Playa del Carmen

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