5 Ways to get to Tulum from Playa del Carmen
Glenda Garza

5 Ways to get to Tulum from Playa del Carmen

One of the principal activities that tourists that visit Playa del Carmen do is roam the Riviera Maya and get to know the paradise-like beaches of Tulum, and of course its archeological area, which is one of the most visited in Mexico.

Tulum is found 45 minutes off of Playa del Carmen and an hour and a half from Cancun approximately, so it is very common to hear the question “How to get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum?” here we tell you 5 most common ways to get to Tulum from Playa del Carmen:

1.- Bus

This is one of the most common because of its easiness and comfort, there are buses going out every 20 minutes, we recommend you inform at the counter if you’re going into town or to the archeological area. Prices vary from $50 to $90 pesos depending if it’s local, passing by, and type of bus.

2.- Rent a Car

The road to Tulum from Playa is known for its numerous cenotes and beaches you can get to know along the way, so if you’re coming to visit the Riviera Maya this is the best option, it allows you to make continuous stops, and enjoy not only Tulum but the route itself, in addition, it’s a great way to save money if you’re traveling in a group.

The prices to rent a car vary, depending on the type of car and season, but it should be around $50 to $100 dollars per day.

3.- Collective Combi

If what you’re looking for is to save a little money, the best option is the collective combi, the combi station is found on 20th av. and 2nd st. and there are departures every 15 minutes, approximately.

The price is $40 pesos per person, they have air con and these combis make continuous stops along the way.

Another option to get on a combi is to stand at the bus stop across Chedraui (50th av. and South 3rd st.) this is the first stop this combi makes on the road after leaving the base.

4 .- Buy a Tour

If what you like is comfort and not having to worry about asking for directions nor walking, the option is to buy a tour, there are many companies that offer tours to the archeological area in Tulum, they pick you up at your hotel or apartment and take you back, yes, this will be a little more expensive but you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Tulum 2015 - Viva Playa

5.- Ruta del Sol Bus

There exist some buses that very few people know about that go from Cancun to Tulum, this route is called “Ruta del Sol”. These buses are used by workers to transport themselves to all the hotels that are found between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The cost is $20 pesos approximately (depending on where you catch it) and the last one passes at 9:30 am, so to catch one of these you must get out early.

Camion de Playa del Carmen a Tulum

We hope these recommendations help you on your trip through the Riviera Maya, and if you have any other information on this subject, please feel free to share it with the community.

Cover photo by www.glendagarza.com