First Time In Playa del Carmen?

If you plan your trip with a dedication to achieving your objective of stepping onto white sands, enjoy the turquoise color and surroundings the Riviera Maya has to offer, we’ve put together a series of notes that will help you during your time in the Caribbean. We understand that vacations or these types of trips can be a bit confusing due to the great number of products and touristic services available and because of what people might have talked about that visited or live in Playa del Carmen.


When to visit Playa del Carmen?

 The 365 days a year are always a viable option to visit Playa del Carmen, even during the rainy season on October and November, the days remain sunny and only the water temperature changes, being colder at the end of the year (between 66° and 77° Fahrenheit during December and January). For those who live in colder areas, this could still appear to be the perfect weather condition.


High Season. At a national level, the dates where there is a higher flow of tourists is the last week of December through the first two weeks of January, Spring Break and Easter, summer in its months of July and August, and holidays like 15 de Septiembre and 20 de Noviembre.

 Low Season. Any other part of the year that was not mentioned before is considered as low season. Even though the demand is not as high, the touristic services remain with the same quality and hospitality. During February, May, June and maybe even October and November, you can enjoy the same natural, touristic, and cultural sights, all of these with complete security for your whole family, more privacy, and more opportunity to take in the local ambient of Playa del Carmen.


How to get to Playa del Carmen?

 The aerial and terrestrial routes in this area are enough to make your arrival easy at any of the destinies in the Riviera Maya. Previously we’ve posted 5 Ways To Get To Playa Del Carmen From Cancun Airport if you would like more information about other origins and arrivals we suggest you visit the ADO official website.

 The aerial route with a greater variety of arrivals is the Cancun Airport, this is the second biggest airport in Mexico and offers services to a great number of passengers in Latin America that goes over 10 million per year, in charge of 50 airlines that operate direct flights and charters with approximately 90 flights daily.

5 maneras de llegar a Playa del Carmen desde el Aeropuerto de Cancún


You arrived and want to know how to get around Playa del Carmen?


 If you plan on staying in Playa del Carmen there’s no need for a car so relax because renting a bike or using any other medium without a motor is the most accurate to go out and get to know the touristic area around Playa. A stroll through 5th avenue can take almost a whole day if one of your companions is a faithful consumer during vacations. Here you can find our suggestions for a tour on two wheels.



 Your adventurous spirit has driven you to rent a car and you’re willing to go across the most you can out of the 160 Kilometers of spectacular beaches, cenotes, and caverns that begin within 20 minutes of Cancun, from the coast of Puerto Morelos all the way south of Punta Allen, passing through, of course, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. We suggest to plan your trip very carefully because the discovery of new beaches and exotic new places can be exponential to the time you have to visit, in other words, “the more you see, the more you want to go back, and you’re left with more places you want to discover” so take it easy and enjoy each and every one of them.


What to do in Playa del Carmen?

 From when the sun comes up and until dawn, there is a wide variety of activities that can make your day a lot of fun and can exceed the expectations of your trip the Mexican Caribbean.

 PLAYA AT DAYTIME: This side of the coast of the Peninsula of Yucatan lets us enjoy spectacular sunrises, starting your day with a walk on the beach appreciating the sunrise can make you feel full of energy. You can also go for a run or do some Yoga on these more than 10 centers available in Playa. If you’re looking for a family activity, you can go fishing, rent some jet skis or go to a beach club where you can also find games for the whole family. For the extreme travelers there’s skydiving, open scuba diving or in caverns, and even though there aren’t big waves, the teenagers prefer to skim board while the most experienced like to Wind Surf or Kite Surf, these become preferable because of the favorable winds available to practice with.

Amanecer en Playa del Carmen - Viva Playa ¿Primera Vez En Playa Del Carmen? ¿Primera Vez En Playa Del Carmen?

PLAYA AT NIGHTTIME. After a day at the beach, there is nothing better than to try out any of the many gastronomic offerings that exist in the area. Along 5th avenue, there are more than 50 restaurants with national and international food. After a meal you can go for a coffee, an ice cream, or enjoy some of the desserts of the region, that will fill you up with energy and get you ready for a night tour. If you want to finish your night dancing, there are places in Playa with the ideal balance between cocktails and good music, from salsa to pop and electronic music, for the most demanding of tastes. 12th street is a section downtown where there are numerous cocktail bars and nightclubs for some fun at night, it’s worth saying that every night of the week there is various promotion like “ladies night” and “happy hour”. Consult more information in our EVENTS section.

Que hacer en Playa del Carmen de noche - Viva Playa ¿Primera Vez En Playa Del Carmen? ¿Primera Vez En Playa Del Carmen?

We know that at the end of the day you might be exhausted, our recommendations for a “BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS” will bring your back to life so you can continue exploring Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya to the max.


Emergency Telephones in Playa del Carmen

 We hope that you never have to use these telephones, but like a good traveler, you should be prepared for everything and anything.


Fire Department

01 (984) 879 3669


Red Cross

01 (984) 873 1233


01 (984) 065

Emergencies by cell phone

01 (984) 114



01 (984) 873 0291


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