Why do we love the Ladies Night of Playa del Carmen?
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Why do we love the Ladies Night of Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is as we have already talked about on other occasions one of the most fun places in the Riviera Maya. Not only for its beautiful beaches, impressive cenotes, music festivals or the diversity of its people, but also for the vast choice of night entertainment that is sought by several thousand national and foreign tourists who, year after year visit this destination looking for from a weekend to a whole season of rest, but also a continuous party.

In Playa del Carmen there is no weekend, every day is a party if you wish. From the simplest corner bars to the impressive centers of shows like Coco Bongo, going through rock bars, cool music clubs and also those that promote other more beautiful rhythms, the offer to spend the night in drinks, dancing and casual chatting is more than stocked, can have fun not only on Friday night, but dawn on Monday leaving the club without fear that passersby will see you as a party.

One of the best characteristics of the beach party is that “there is for everyone”. Playa is one of the most inclusive places; here you have fun regardless of your social status, the clothes you bring or the money you can spend, there will always be an option to live the night of Playa del Carmen. And in this magical diversity, there is a modality that every day gains more popularity because everyone, everyone makes us happy: The Ladies Night; those nights in which girls who want to have a good time, are spoiled by several establishments, which welcome them with special promotions, something very convenient not only for them, but for them … for everyone! Why do we love the Ladies Night of Playa del Carmen?

The bars are filled with girls, girls, and more girls

The truth is that there is nothing more boring than a cigar bar. Let’s face it, guys! Who likes to go to a bar to watch pure sports or where the whole talk is a testosterone competition to see who knows more about soccer, cars or who raised more weight in the gym? What an egg! That is, equal 1 day a week goes … but no more (at least if you left behind your university stage) Nothing like being in a place full of women of all ages smiling, fun, enjoying. Even if they do not pay attention to you, and never link anything, you have to admit that simply the sight is happy and you are more willing to stay there.

They deserve it and it suits them

The cliché says that men need “one night of buddies” a week (minimum) to be calm, to calm those torrents of testosterone that run in our system every day. Do you think that only we need that? Women too! Do not you sometimes understand what he is talking about? It’s very bad that you do not pay attention to her and the girls always have a lot to say. On a Ladies Night, they can release all that stress that you (yes, you vato) provoke even inadvertently. It’s good that they have a space for them, where they can drink like “macho” and talk freely to taste without having to be seeing with your face: “I do not understand what you’re talking about”. What’s more, if men took off the square of their heads, we should even think about inviting their girls ‘tips when they leave, which is the only thing they are asked to pay for on girls’ nights. (It’s fair, they’ll also know how to thank him when they get home if you know what I mean).

You win, we win all

Maybe you could think that a Ladies Night is not good business for the owner of the establishment, but if we think of the first point of this list, a bar full of girls attracts the hordes of vatos who will have to pay for their consumption. The result: a full bar, with many happy girls and men willing to ask for another and another and another for grabbing courage to talk to the girls. In addition, Ladies Night is usually entertained by DJ’s or special bands, they are special nights, worth celebrating! Finally, promos are not exclusive, men can also enjoy the benefits.

No matter the day of the week

It is common for Ladies Night to be held on Thursdays. Not in Playa del Carmen. Here we have Ladies Night every day because there is nothing like taking a few flirty drinks on Monday to give good rhythm to the rest of the week. You did not know? We will tell you in what places you can enjoy a good girls night, no matter if it is Tuesday or Sunday. Even if you have made the party a lifestyle, you could throw yourself daily to a different place and take advantage of the promos. We do not recommend it much for your health, but from what you can, you can.

So now that you know it, check the Ladies Night calendar in Playa del Carmen so you do not miss any of them and put in the comments which are your favorite places to spend a good Ladies Night.



septiembre, 2020