Spring Break @ Coco Maya

Spring Break @ Coco Maya

Viernes 28 de marzo del 2014 Spring Break @ Coco Maya Playa del Carmen

Creamy house, Coco Maya Beach club

Te invitan a disfrutar de la Musica a la orilla del mar con su brisa y el amanecer creando un gran espectáculo en conjunto con una decoración unica en todo COCO MAYA, iluminación proyectada y controlada mediante Software creando una atmosfera virtual en 3D(Video Mapping) con varios proyectores que se plasmaran alrededor del Dance-floor.
Todo esto en el último club de Playa del Carmen, que cuenta con una arquitectura de inspiración maya , impresionantes vistas y una Excelente instalación, es el lugar perfecto para disfrutar del sabor caribeño en el día o la noche, las 24hr del día.


Decoración artística, CHIIL GROOVE ZONE, mapping 3d virtual balance
GOGO dancers
Playeras, gorras, collares y mucho más….
música en vivo jamming DJ B2B (SAX,GUITARRA,PERCUSIONES)
Fotografía y video profesional
escenario con led y laser

y muchas sorpresas en la Party!




ICY SASAKI Live Act (Brasil)

Wagner G. Sasaki ( Aka Dj Icy Sasaki ) was born in 1983, in Brasilia, and by the age of 10 years old (1994) he was already interested in electronic music. He became a noticeable Dj in matinees, clubs and local private parties.

Back then, the style he used to play was Euro Dance. In 1996, he began to adopt other kinds of electronic music, such as Speed Garage, Hard House, Deep House and 2 Step House, while he presented himself on radio programs and at the city´s clubs. In 1998, at the age of 15, he moved to the U.S., where he discovered Progressive Trance style, to which he devoted himself exclusively, performing in Orlando (Fl) in the period 1998-2000.

Once he was back in Brazil, he got in touch with Psy Trance, identified himself a lot with the style, and adopted the Full on as his main style, standing out as one of the best djs of this style in Brasília.

In 2002, the interest along with the opportunity to create and produce his own music emerged thanks to a project called E-fact.

Producing under the name Icy Sasaki, he has been working since 2008 on Electro House, Minimal and Progressive House projects, totalling 2 lives and playing dj set!

In 2009 he produced remixes that made him the winner of Baladão Do Faustão and also presented himself at Programa do Jô with “Na Lata” band.

He currently dedicates himself to Deep House , Tech House and Techno, and stands among the best DJs and producers in the Brazilian Midwest Region (Centro-Oeste), launching songs under various record labels around the world and also his own label SSK Records.

Icy took part in the production of projects such as Baladão do Faustão and won the award for best Dj in Brazil (Programa do Faustão). Additionally, he performed at Jô Soares´s programme along with the band “Na Lata”.




OSCAR DUQUE ( live set )


Oscar Duque,His musical sets adapt to the occasion playing DEEP-TECH-HOUSE in a progressive manner.

Oscar Duque,
His musical sets adapt to the occasion playing DEEP-TECH-HOUSE in a progressive manner along many other styles. Duque is characterized for his explosive beats and rhythms, with continues changes and a variety of innovating sounds without losing harmony, surprising with progression with the purpose of motivating people to enjoy the music and allowing them to make good use of the dance floor.
He has shared stages with multiple international artists such as:
Guru josh
Steve Lawler
D nox and Beckers
Estefano Noferini
Lissat & Voltaxx
Under construction
D Fusion
David Herrero
8TH Note
Irad bratt
Freedom fighters
Paranormal Attack
Ananda Shake
Ferby boys

Oscar Duque, began his musical journey through the production studios at age 22. He was motivated by the musican evolution with the purpose of creating, learning and enjoying music at its maximum expression. Influenced by rhythms such as blues, funk and house
Duque has been invited to perform at many different clubs such as: SKIZZO MEXICO ,REINA ROJA(playa del carmen),COCO MAYA(playa del carmen),ART, AM Social Club, Rec Noize, HABITA, VINTAGE , TINIEBLO, xilitla among GLOBAL MIXX RADIO



MISS LIPS ( lingerie model ) & BALARAMA LIVE SAX


Yamileth started her music voyage at age 16. She started listening to underground music as an expectator in the most important dance music festivals in México and soon fell in love with the whole experience.
The emotions music created have taken her to bind herself with the music community and the artistic side of it. With tech house being her main focus, she now dominates a great variety of players and music controllers for mixing up great beats with all type of musical styles.
For production, Appleton Live has been a favorite creating melodies with HOUSE influences mixed with latino rhythms and the intention of transmitting a serious and artistic view with a deep erotic feeling.
Part of the Creamy House Playa family, she has participated in a great variety of music festivals, private parties and Clubs




DJ FRANK G. / / / / / PERCUSSION rhythmic / / / / /


Follower Electronica Music from 16 years old to be interested in one of its branches and then learn the fun art of mixing sounds to make people dance with more explosives Bat’s transmitting Happiness and Harmony to flow with the music and rhythmic changes .
Mixing the more melodic sounds fine bouquet and Underground :
Playing and mixing travez drivers and cd player , exploding all effects to the rhythm of music , likewise focusing on the most important music production software : Cubase, Ableton and FL Studio.
Sharing the stage with many important artists and fine quality .
Grasping presence in many festivals , private parties and major clubs such as: Club house, lounge Akbal , A: M social club , The Art proyect , The Planet , among others ..




Tao Colella
is a young Mexican producer born in January 1991 who has been involved with music since age 5 when his first steps with a guitar were learned from his father, also a musician.

After playing for several years electric and acoustic guitar, being in two Rock bands, experimenting all kinds of music and instruments, including bass and percussion, he became a freelance musician with a strong talent as a guitar player. At age 14 he got deeply involved into electronic music and learned the first skills in the art of DJing, rising a big interest in production and the music industry scene.

Creating only DJ sets was not enough, his approach to music production led him to take several workshops and clinics on specialized audio software, developing sounds around all styles & genres of electronic music being more enthusiastic about Techno & House Music.

Right now he is devoted to his new project (unsigned) which is Tech House with an interesting style including groove melodies, soft keyboards and amazing guitar sounds performed alongside.

Pushing the limits over & over, Tao is a young producer that is growing in every direction, looking forward to succeed in what he loves the most: MUSIC




Karla ramirez(shaina) – 99 9259 3326

Creamy house – 984 100 43 39

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Fernando Preciado 99 82 388 064

Adrian casares – (044) 811-077-4592

Spring Break @ Coco Maya