Breakfast of Champions at Playa del Carmen – 02

As we mentioned in the first edition of this article, this will be a submit selection of restaurants, local and sometimes street food recommendations where you will find the more exquisite, spicy and exotic plates for the next day of your night adventure.

Our search goes thru the diverse and balanced places that could offer top bites to kill “the next day” feeling and hangover sensations, this time we have a couple of choices to feed that “not so comfortable” appetite in Playa del Carmen.

In first place we got a tradition that came from the center part of Mexico and adopted here with the same fundamentals of corn process. “Tortilla” hand made in the moment, a nice selection of cooked casseroles where you can find lots of mexican food options to combine and that´s the deal behind “1 Taco más” located in the Federal Highway coming from Cancun.

The place a has a certain mix between a clean stablished place with a street food protocol; you make a line for asking the number of the tacos you want, you choose in between the 16 variety of beef, chicken, scrambled eggs or Pork among others and then you receive your tacos ending with a bar of salad and 6 types of sauces, but don´t be scared, from the lowest to the highest level of spicy you can add your prefered “salsa” to your tacos plate, we suggest to try egg with chaya and make a combo with orange juice.

Average consumption is $100 mxn.


Monday to Saturday from 9am to 1pm

In downtown core section you will find out a non spicy and more organic veggie option called “La Ceiba” where you can find a well balanced plate offer with a “gourmet touch”. Right next to a vegetarian market popularly known as DAC, this 8th table restaurant changes its menú diary offering a base of excellent mix of juices and smoothies with best fruits of the season. No doubt it is an excellent option to get more complete breakfasts and noon bites.

Average Consumption $150 mxn.


Monday to Staruday from 7am to 8pm & Sunday from 7am to 2pm





Desayuno de Campeones 02 Desayuno de Campeones 02 - Restaurante La Ceiba



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