Street Art in Playa del Carmen

Little by little urban art in Playa del Carmen like in other cities of Mexico and the world increases openly in public spaces and on the most transited streets of this caribbean location. Since its first stencils, templates, posters and now murals, the urban zone of Playa expresses with color and form the manifestations of artists like Chikizz Ramone, Senkoe, Mike Makatron, Farid Rueda, Pelado, Osley and others.

Graffiti en Playa del Carmen

In the last years, the Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhood and the center of the city like the extensions of 5th avenue, have transformed the murals into works of art of these emerging artists giving life and color to our Playense surroundings.

Graffiti Playa del Carmen Stencil Playa del Carmen

Like it is known, initially graffiti and the painting of murals in other parts is done illicitly, in many of the murals of Playa it’s been born like an initiative between the artist and the consent of the owner of the mural, giving time and space to the artist to finish his work. Because of the norms of construction of town hall of Solidaridad that prevents constructing a building bigger than three stories high, the locations where some of these murals are shown offer a singular perspective for the appreciation of these pieces. The inclusion of urban art has reached the hotels. The Palm, Soho Hotel, and CACAO show in their principal and exterior hallways, murals with works of artists like Eduardo Kobra and Lou Andrea respectively. And even though in the present the major boom is in the big murals, those little details like stickers or templates on the light poles and signals are the ones who fulfill the target of the artist.

Mural hotel Cacao Playa del Carmen Mural pintura Playa del Carmen

Without doubt, the caribbean, the jungle, the coral and the sea are the elements that attract any human being naturally and inspire the artist to translate works that materialize the collective panorama of the visitors and locals of this tourist zone, if you wish to know more about these artists, visit the following websites:

Street Art Map

If you want to know more about these artists, visit:

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StreertArt Playa del Carmen Arte Urbano en Playa del Carmen