In the constant growth of Playa del Carmen are new condos, buildings that already exceed 3 floors and clothing stores that seek to capture the attention of the floating tourists that throws the fifth avenue by both docks achieving a constant circulation from north to south. this commercial corridor of the municipality of Solidaridad.

Within this emblematic street, in the heart of the city, stands out the first private initiative of interactive museum specialized in the art and life of Frida Kahlo. Now visitors to Playa will have another tourist attraction that through sensory experiences, interactive screens, screenings, and a guided tour will allow them to fully understand the life of the most popular Mexican painter in the world.

In this space created by Mexican businessmen who are committed to culture, you can enter in 45 minutes the life and work of Frida, understanding their process of personal transformation, inspiration and history through images, stories and an explanation in detail for each one of the guides who deepen in each stage of their life to the extent of allowing you to know their pains and the rebellion that made her stand out as a woman unique and ahead of her time in our country.

The museum of Frida Kahlo has 9 interactive rooms in which, despite not having the physical work due to the proximity to the sea (it is impossible to have cultural heritage works of the country at 20 meters from the sea with humidity and saltpeter) in which in a chronological, multisensory and interactive way with video mapping you can form a more in-depth criterion about the Latin American painter who has raised the most in international auctions, besides being in front of the correspondence that Frida wrote to Diego and that undoubtedly He turned this love story into another inspiration for his works.

Frida Kahlo Museum Playa del Carmen

Ticket price: 15 usd

Open every day Hours 9 am to 11 pm
Location 5th Ave. and 8th Street
Tel: 9849800595

Frida Kahlo Museum Playa del Carmen

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Frida Kahlo Museum Playa del Carmen
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