The Beach Of The Month : Xpu Ha

If you think the only beach in Playa del Carmen is Mamitas or Playacar, you lack hood skills.

Playa del Carmen is known as The Heart of the Riviera Maya, so in order to win that motto, it definitely has to have more beach options than the aforementioned don’t you think? We sacrificed ourselves for you and explored what’s beyond the beaches of central Playa del Carmen. Leave us your best tips and comments at the end of this post to make the best of this paradise.

The beach which we open this section with goes by the name of Xpu-Ha.

Xpu-Ha means “estuary between two waters”, it’s one of the most beautiful and fascinating beaches of the Riviera Maya. Its crystal clear and not too deep waters are ideal for practicing various aquatic sports while its white sand will make you want to throw off your sandals as soon as you make contact with it and want to bury yourself waist-high.

La Playa Del Mes : Xpu Ha

What activities are available at Xpu-ha Beach?

Like we said before, Xpu-ha is ideal for practicing aquatic sports. The one that without a doubt people prefer most is snorkeling, in which a few feet from the shore you can find diverse formations of corals (gardens) where different marine species are still living. On a good day, you can find turtles, stingrays, urchins, and fishes in a variety of colors. Please be careful of not touching anything, help us preserve our reefs!

It’s also ideal for practicing Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, and Windsurfing (yes, a lot of surfing). You can also have a good time in a kayak or just swimming. We suggest to always ask a lifeguard for the marine currents, because of the coral reef it can be dangerous to swim freely (for you and for the ecosystem).
Xpu ha


Nothing in life is perfect, one of the disadvantages of Xpu-ha beach -depending on how you see it, it could be an advantage- is that even though the beaches are in federal zones and therefore free access, the road that gets you there is not, and to enter you must pass through one of two roads of approximately 1 km in distance. In either one, you need to pay $50 pesos. This fee gets you to access to restrooms, showers, and parking. Sounds good right? The problem is the quality of these services, the restrooms aren’t in the best conditions, and there are just two options for eating, and both offer practically the same thing. We invite you to try both and choose your favorite.

By the bay area there are very little hotels and resorts, which represents an advantage as not being a very concurrent beach and therefore it maintains clean and it is ideal to enjoy it with the family or a romantic-esque escape. (There is an area for camping).


La Playa Del Mes : Xpu Ha

How to get there?

Xpu-ha Beach has located 90 km from Cancun’s international airport and at 28 km south of Playa Del Carmen, just 5 minutes from Puerto Aventuras and before getting to Akumal (we will tell you about that place later).

By car: On the federal highway, approximately 3 km from Puerto Aventuras take the u-turn at the gas station and enter at whichever access to the beach clubs.

By public transportation: Take a collective from Playa del Carmen ($30 pesos from the base and $20 pesos at whatever stop) and it will leave you by the front.

Do you have an anecdote or doubt about this beautiful place? Share it with us in the comments.