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Cenotes Near Playa del Carmen

One of the places that people who come to Playa del Carmen want to get to know and get to swim in are the cenotes near Playa Del Carmen, that’s why we want to share this information with you which will come in handy once you make the trip, and get to know a little more about the origins of these marvelous places.

The Cenotes or “Sacred Places” are entries to subterranean rivers that are found all along the Yucatan peninsula, which allow us to admire the marvelous formations created by mother nature throughout thousands of years, such as stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that are found deep in the insides of the dense jungle of this wonderful peninsula.


Some of the Cenotes closest to Playa del Carmen and more easily accessible by its proximity to the road that connects Playa del Carmen with Tulum, are located at 30 min. approximately, of reference is passing Puerto Aventuras, in front of the Barceló hotel entrance, some of the Cenotes in this area are:

  • Chikin Ha
  • El Edén
  • Cristalino
  • Azul

There is an enormous amount of cenotes all along the peninsula, some are exclusive for scuba diving because of its narrow entrance and that leaves little to nothing to see for the ones who don’t practice that fascinating sport.

On the other hand, there are lots of cenotes that provide a wonderful tour of snorkeling where you can enjoy and relax in its crystal clear sweet waters in the midst of nature.

cenotes en playa del carmen

Some of the closest cenotes to Playa del Carmen and with easy access because of their closeness to the road that connects Playa del Carmen with Tulum, are 30 minutes away approximately, and as a reference, are passing Puerto Aventuras, at the front of the entrance of Hotel Barcelo. Some of the cenotes in this area are Chikin Ha, El Eden, Cristalino y Azul, among others, and you can get there through public transportation (Colectivo Playa-Tulum), taxi, or car.

North, through the highway that takes you to Cancun at about 30 minutes approximately, before getting to Puerto Morelos, is the Route of the Cenotes, famous for its great amount of cenotes found in that area, it offers plenty of options so you can enjoy the wonders of these stunning places.

Because of its little affluence of public transportation to this area, it is recommended you travel by car, whether its a taxi, a rented car, or a tour operator.

Remember that these “Sacred Places” are protected areas, which means the use of bug repellents or sunblock are prohibited, and please make sure you keep the area clean so we can all keep enjoying these unique and special places.

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