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Akumal : Place of the Turtles

The Riviera Maya is known for being a place that has a great variety of possibilities for international tourism. The weather in the Caribbean is warm and its crystal clear waters offer visitors a fan of activities that go from the banalest entertainment and hard partying to the most committed, eco-touristic activities, Playa del Carmen and Tulum being the main and obligated layovers for whoever’s looking to live some unforgettable vacations.

Along the Riviera Maya there are several beaches that even though they are very close to each other, they have different peculiarities, which is why we recommend tourists to visit the most they possibly can. One of the favorite beaches of the region is Akumal and it’s a favorite for tourist and foreigners.

Akumal means: “place of the turtles” and like its name says it, it is famous for offering the unrivaled experience of swimming in the same place where different types of turtle species not only come to make their nest in, but have made this place their home due to its calm waters, and for which thousands of tourists have the opportunity to have close encounters with these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. The Akumal bay, like most of the beaches in the Riviera Maya, is surrounded by fine and soft white sand, besides it’s one of the few beaches where you can lay under the shade of enormous palm trees.

Akumal Beach

This beautiful place is known for its preservation of the turtles’ programs, but also for offering a complete experience to vacation because it comes with all the services the tourists need. From the beach, you can appreciate the second biggest Coral Reef Barrier, and you can take a tour and visit it from the beach, making it a favorite for fans of scuba diving and snorkel. Akumal’s beach is perfect for spending a whole day of fun and relaxation, alone or with the family. It has beach restaurants, hotels, and even a little museum dedicated to turtles, like a part of the efforts made to bring awareness to the importance of the preservation of this animal species.

The beach is not everything in Akumal, close to the bay you can find the Yalku cove, a beautiful place with crystal clear water ideal for snorkeling and observe a great quantity of multicolor fish, an excellent option for those who want to freshen up but don’t want to go inside the ocean. There is also a restaurant here so it’s a great alternative to Akumal.

Akumal is found 28 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, just before Tulum. To get there, it can be via a collective (with a cost of $35 pesos from the Centre of Playa) and walk less than two kilometers from the federal roadside. You can also access by car (there is a parking lot). There are also taxis that come from Akumal’s village but we recommend saving some money and stretch your legs a little because once you get there all you’ll want to do is lay down, take the sun in and drink some cold ones. By the way: if your budget is low and you have no intention of eating in restaurants, we suggest you take with you what you will consume beforehand, it might be uncomfortable carrying everything to the beach from Playa or Tulum, but you will be glad you did when you see the prices for tourists in the area. (You are going to remember this).