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Cenote Jardín del Edén

Playa del Carmen is well known worldwide as an “integral” holiday paradise due to the wide variety of activities offered to the visitors. In Playa del Carmen there is something to satisfy every wish. Those looking for strong emotions may try various water sports such as diving, kite surfing or SUP (Stand up Paddle Surf).

Those preferring nightlife, are more than satisfied with the great variety of events that run throughout the year, ranging from festivals or the countless weekly parties taking place in the city clubs and what to say about the infamous Calle 12, where he who does not drink a mezcalito at the end of the night or dare to dance up to a reggaetón, cannot say he really enjoyed the feast at the Beach.

However, this destination is more popular for its natural wonders and the chances for you to relax and rest in them. From the pristine white – sand beaches and warm turquoise waters to the impressing cenotes, these natural wonders resulting from the impact of a meteorite 70 million years ago in the Yucatan Peninsula…The one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs resulted in the creation of one of the most beautiful ecosystems on record.

For sunbathing, enjoy some good cold drinks and disconnect yourself from the outside world while burying your feet in the sand there is nothing better than our beaches (Xpu ha or Punta Esmeralda) also in order to get rid of a little warm and have fun practicing snorkeling and swimming there is nothing like los cenotes. Just only in Quintana Roo it is said there are more than 2 thousand and in spite that not all are open to the public, choosing which one to visit can be a challenging task, that is why we will take the time of visiting several and can recommend you the best ones, when you decide to visit Playa del Carmen.

This time we present you the Cenote Jardín del Eden (Garden of Eden), as its name indicates is a real paradise very close to the center of Playa del Carmen and is only 20 minutes on the Federal Highway leading to Tulum. In spite of being located in the middle of the Blue and Crystal Cenotes ( which I will talk about later on), I wish to talk about del Edén which is one of my favorites and also is for the local people. The Cenote El Jardín del Edén is “open to the air” which means that is exposed to sunlight without any natural dome or shades, allowing more life to be present in its waters and all the surroundings.

This provides this place with a natural beauty in which you may enjoy snorkeling for a while, also discovering caves and rocky passages or if you wish to venture and you have the experience then you can dive (it is one of the favorites by local divers). Due to all these attractions, this is the best cenote to have a good time relaxing or enjoying practicing your best dives in its crystal clear waters.

Cenote Jardín del Edén Riviera Maya

Like in all cenotes, alcohol consumption is not permitted, but, who says it is necessary to drink alcohol to have fun? Once you come to this beautiful place the only thing that comes to your mind is to take a good dip in its refreshing waters. The colorful rocks you can see is something you have never seen before, believe me, you will get surprised.

The cenote Jardín del Edén is open Sunday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, entry is $100 pesos per adult. We recommend visiting it during the week as Sundays will have more people traditionally local visitors spend in this his favorite place. Please keep in mind that the use of sunscreen, bug spray, and other chemicals are not permitted in this nature sanctuary, only biodegradable options are allowed.

The cenote Jardín del Edén is definitely one of the best places to get to know the Riviera Maya.

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