One unique experience you can have in the Riviera Maya is walking down 5th avenue and enjoying the different gastronomic choices with food from all over the world, listen to different types of music, enjoy different types of cocktails, and buy souvenirs like clothes from the great amount of stores that currently form part of this corridor of countless flow of tourists that visit Playa del Carmen each day.

Quinta avenida Playa del Carmen 5a Avenida Playa del Carmen


However this demand and offer of new products or services that strengthen the economy of Solidaridad has given a twist to what Playa del Carmen originally was for the visitors that have over 15 years coming frequently to this destination. This natural evolution has caused a new amount of tourist influx to diversify finding Tulum like a less explored place creating the feeling of being more in contact with nature and with certain limits that benefit the privacy of those who are up to experiment. So could it be that: Tulum is the new Playa del Carmen?

From 1995 to 2000 those who visited Playa can’t deny that Playa offered so much privacy that nudism was something common among tourists, where high heels and makeup was the least of their worries. With the millennium, the rise of new cruise ships, new arrivals from more airlines to Cancun, and the incorporation of new entertainment proposals made Playa del Carmen and the Riviera a favorite and a sure next stop for the worldwide tourists. Therefore, many of the visitors found a new niche of caribbean territory south of the Yucatan Peninsula that could preserve a more relaxed atmosphere and that is why this touristic migration that Tulum is experiencing can be compared to the growth Playa del Carmen had several years ago. (Both in first place with major demographic growth according to the INEGI).

Playa del Carmen 2015

Even though Tulum doesn’t count with a 5th avenue or anything similar, it doesn’t need it, its independent growth to Playa has let it mold a personal identity based on a natural, spiritual experience and for the physical-mental well being of the guests that visit. Although for some time the major attraction there were the ruins (the third most visited in Mexico, after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza) Tulum is currently visited for its cabins or palapas made with organic materials that respect the jungle forest surroundings in the area, providing a unique experience to any foreigner, and together with the sound of the waves it has become an ideal environment for meditation, to practice yoga, and a boom for spa treatments in its hotel strip. In the last 8 years, more than 50 hotels have established with these characteristics that have achieved to engage any type of voyager that desire living this ecologic and sophisticated experience that have made of Tulum a magical and unforgettable place.

Zona Arqueológica de Tulum - Archeological zone in Tulum

While these two entities keep growing, the differences between both will define themselves based on the local and touristic activities of each one, we suggest you visit both and make your own conclusions.




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