Why attend functions of El Cine Club in Playa del Carmen?

Why you should attend El Cine Club’s functions in Playa del Carmen?

You’ve surely heard some people saying that “In Playa del Carmen there’s no culture.” While we live in a tourist destination whose offer is aimed at vacationers looking to take a nice sunbath, refresh in our beaches, do water activities and, of course, partying until dawn, Playa del Carmen is increasingly offering more options for everyone. One of these offers is the Cine Club, whose mission is to combat the cultural decentralization in Mexico (most exhibitions and premieres are held in Mexico City) this offer has been reaping fruits and today the project has grown with very good results.

What’s Cine Club about?

Every week an inflatable screen is installed in a public open space and adapted to the area to sit spectators in comfortable chairs, couches, and mattresses. The feature films are free and are an excellent way to engage the community towards the seventh art through the exhibition of art films and documentaries promoting family life. Cineclub is an excellent and original proposal which we were really missing in Playa del Carmen.

Cinema club playa del carmen

The project is known by many as three years have already passed by since this effort was implemented, however this year it has had a boom because we have chosen to take the features outside of Parque La Ceiba to bring them closer to the tourist area, which has meant that not only locals are enjoying the CineClub, but also national and foreign visitors who are walking along the 5th Avenue.

Haven’t been there yet? Here are good reasons to do so.

Very good quality films are exhibited … for free!

    • The creators of the concept have opted to display only features of which they have the exhibition rights, either through links with institutions, festivals and filmmakers, such as The CCC Exhibition from the Film Training Center, Voices Against Silence, DOCS DF, FICUNAM and the Morelia International Film Festival and the Riviera Maya Film Festival among others. Entrance to the CineClub in the Blue Parrot is free, so it’s an excellent choice to bring the whole family.
  • Regarding featured films in Parque La Ceiba, there’s a small recovery fee, which serves to cover the screening rights, transportation, staff, and other operating expenses. It is very important to consider the social work carried out for this project, to bring film culture to the inhabitants of neighborhoods, Mayan communities, and public schools.

The atmosphere is different from a movie theater.

Being displayed in public spaces such as La Ceiba Park or the Blue Parrot in the category “Oceanfront cinema”, the feeling is very different to being locked in a cube with air conditioning with surround sound and half an hour of commercials, as in traditional cinemas. There’s nothing more refreshing than sea breeze while practically lying on the beach and having the spectacular Caribbean Sea as scenery. Also as stated above, it’s free! How long have you been skipping going to the movies because it was so expensive?

  • A film, brewskis, and popcorn: A Perfect Combo

On the “Oceanfront feature films” in Blue Parrot the consumption of beverages is permitted plus you’ll also find 2 × 1 promotions and free popcorn. Need a better reason than that? Discounted special dishes are also available, so it’s a perfect choice to come with your friends or your partner.

“Cinema can generate education standards and become a cultural value to society.”

— The Cine Club

Grisel Alcantara and Victor Morillas, creators of the concept, have managed to bring it beyond the simple exhibition of films and the Cinema Club has become an educational cultural choice, as they’re also are in charge of organizing training workshops with Mexican film developers, helping the local community to have the opportunity to make movies and tell their own stories.

So there’s no more reason to complain of the few cultural options that Playa del Carmen offers, with proposals such as Cine Club, Playa will gradually position itself as an integrated tourism offer, which is also accessible to everyone.

Feature films in La Ceiba Park are every Friday at 8 pm.

What do you think of this project? Tell us if you already been there and what you liked the most about CineClub.