Playa del Carmen is one of those multipurpose destinations. The thousands of people that visit this paradise every year do it for different reasons; some come to look for peace and distress that these warm climates can offer, some for the contact with nature, the ocean breeze and all those wonders that a tourist can’t experience in their chaotic and in some occasions icy cities. Others think that Playa del Carmen is THE place to live, from bar to bar and party to party, the kind that boom with the sunrise. Many come to practice water sports like scuba diving, or to wander the Riviera Maya or simply just pass through on their way to other caribbean destinations, there’s also extreme tourists that come for the “full experience” making the most of their stay and take on all the activities mentioned above. In fact, this last one is always our suggestion, that the tourist in fact lives Playa 😉

It could be said that none of these tourists have anything in common. But surprise! What does everyone who comes here look for? (The answer is obvious, but it’s the one that generally goes unnoticed. Don’t worry, you already know that in Viva Playa we fight the obscurantism for you).

What EVERYONE eventually needs is:

  • A good place to rest
  • Near the destination’s points of interest
  • Affordable prices

Finding places that meet these three elements is not always easy and there are people who just don’t have what it takes to plan a good trip and end up staying at a hotel or hostel that meets maybe one or two of these points, but the three of them… is it possible? We went looking for an option without consulting the internet, without asking anyone, much less spend hours searching, and we found it!

Hostel playa del carmen Hotel

On 5th Avenue, the most important in Playa del Carmen, is Hostal MX. Strategically situated between 10th and 12th street, this place offers these three options to its guests, in the very heart -of the heart- of Playa, once you pass through it’s small and discreet entrance, you will come across some sort of oasis and out of the constant bustle of the streets. Beautiful trees and a common area with wooden benches to gabble, plus a delicious jacuzzi surrounded by rocks that invites you in after getting back from a long excursion or a night out to relax your feet. You will also see some hammocks over a tapanco where its bottom floor shelters a small bar that looks inviting for some flirty drinks. In conclusion, everything you need to relax for awhile in between your activities. And this is just the exterior!

Hostal MX Playa del carmen, 5ta avenida Hostel MX Playa del Carmen 5th ave.

Hostal MX offers all the modalities. You can stay in the common area where you will find bunk beds, ideal for backpackers or travelers that know how to enjoy the simple, but well-made things. Each common area comes with one bathroom to share. On the other hand, if you want a little more privacy, you can stay in a private room that has a capacity for up to four people, which makes this hostel ideal for a family or groups of friends. Note, if you stay here, take pictures in the garden and upload them, wi-fi’s on the house. Hungry? They also include breakfast!

Hostal Playa del Carmen quinta avenida Hostal MX Playa del Carmen

Close to the hostel you will find some of the most popular places of Playa, like Tequila Barrel (ideal for some drinks before the party) or restaurants with a wide gastronomic variety from specialties to the well-known Mercado de Nuestra Señora del Carmen (we’ll tell you more about this place later). In addition, the worldwide-known 12th street concentrates the main nocturnal centers, including the famous Coco Bongo. By the end of August, the Shopping Center Calle Corazon opens right on the corner, so if you’re also up for shopping you can go right ahead and then pass by to put your new stuff away.

If what you want is to spend the day on the beach, five minutes is enough to have the caribbean sea at your feet, and a couple of streets down, on 2nd street and 20th Avenue, you have the collective transportation base so you can go on a tour to Tulum or Cancun or any of the wonders that the Riviera Maya offers. In conclusion, this place is a good option to consider for your next visit to Playa del Carmen, even if you’re a local, it’s perfect in case that party last night was just too good and couldn’t make it home.

If you like to travel, what options do you consider at the moment of making your reservations? Tell us about it in a comment, that way we’ll know of other options to recommend to you!

Photos by: Glenda Garza

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