Typical: You arrive for the first time at Playa del Carmen and you fall in love with the beauty of its beaches, the tranquility of its streets, the gastronomic options, the big parties, and all its national and foreign beauties you run into on the streets. Everyone who arrives here says that typical phrase: “I would like to live here” and those who decide to take that big step and move to our paradise go through the same process: job searching, wanting to find a job that at least is related to their professional studies. What happens in the majority of these cases? They come to the surprise that it’s not like other states of the republic and they end up in jobs that have little or nothing to do with their experience and this could be very frustrating to some.

To be able to work in Playa del Carmen requires not just what in every job (legal at least), but first understanding the market and be open to the opportunities that one of the largest growing cities in the country has to offer.

What job opportunities are there in Playa del Carmen?

Buscando trabajo en Playa del Carmen

According to a poll on Facebook (obviously, we’re all there) getting a job in Playa del Carmen is relatively easy if you have the necessary attitude and openness. Why? Because the industry that moves Playa is without a doubt tourism, so if you have no knowledge of that, you’d have to get to know it, and generally it starts with the basics. The most offered jobs are generally waiting tables, touristic promoters, timeshare membership salesmen, and “public relations” or entertainment center promoters. It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer, food quimic, administrator, secretary or actress, you’ll most likely be working -at least at the beginning- in some restaurant on 5th Avenue, at a beach club, or if you sell yourself well, an all-inclusive resort. Note: we’re not assuming that that’s the way it has to be, what we’re commenting is based on various Playenses’ experiences.

So: What is needed to get a job in Playa del Carmen? Here goes the definitive guide.

  • Lots of attitudes and the WANT to work (it’s the most important).
  • Fill out several applications. Your resume won’t be a very strong tool, you might not have the experience in what they’re offering. (Remember to take care of your spelling and be honest in interviews).
  • Knock on doors. Here, It’s not like it’s supposed to be in these times; you can apply online but don’t expect a quick answer (in fact, don’t wait for an answer). If you don’t have any contacts here that can present you to who is offering jobs you have to go out and do it yourself. So, get to walking!
  • Be open: Work dignifies and you’re not worth what you do but who you are. Prepare to do work you’ve never imagined and that you never studied for. Here you learn by working. Lose the fear! Soon you’ll find talents you didn’t know you had.
  • Forget your office life: Playa never sleeps, it’s possible your schedule might be overnight, and that your day off is on a weekday.
  • Plan and organize: Being a tourist zone, we depend on the seasons and it’s not always the same all year long. Several businesses offer seasonal jobs and people who already know how it is, save up for the “skinny” vacations like the feared month of “Septihambre” which means hungry September. Don’t waste all your money partying. (Believe us: it’s VERY likely to do so).

There will always be work for those who really want it. Meanwhile, pay attention to the aforementioned points, you’ll surely find something you like, you’ll earn good money, develop new skills, and get to know Playa del Carmen more, and then, you’ll know how to move about to do what you really want to.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to find a job in Playa del Carmen? Tell us about it!



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