3D Museum Playa del Carmen

Get to Know : the 3D Museum of Wonders

Looking for a place to vacation isn’t always easy. Despite the belief (or the intention) that vacations are for relaxing, the reality is that every time we plan our vacation, we consider the activities we have planned at the selected location. Even if it’s a beach, we are always looking for other options to escape the heat and the humidity for a little while.

Playa del Carmen is a city that, despite it’s size and its some-what recent creation, continues to grow its touristic offer with diverse activities for international and national tourism, which makes it easy to make it the number one choice to visit, it’s stopped being a place where you just come to throw yourself on the sand and enjoy the beach, the weather and refreshing cocktails (although if you ask, it’s still the most fun). It’s also not just a place to come and party until the sunrise and visit every bar and club on the famous 12th Street in just one night (well, that’s still a must, especially if it’s your first time visiting us).

Like I mentioned, Playa is more than just paradisiac, white sand beaches and turquoise colored waters, never-ending parties on weeknights, music festivals and beautiful cenotes; there are many things to do in Playa del Carmen and here is where I want to tell you about a new activity that is taking tourism and the locals by surprise  being the only one of its kind in all the American continent, which puts the heart of Riviera Maya -once more- on everyone’s eyes.

I’m talking about the new 3D Museum of Wonders, which opened its doors just a few months ago and it has already attracted national and international visitors, (including some famous people) who, a little skeptical to visit a museum in the Caribbean, turned out to be a very enjoyable experience, fun, and one you will remember for a very long time.

The 3D Museum of Wonders is an interactive museum that has the works of international artist Kurt Wenner, famous for his invention of 3D art for exteriors like sidewalks, avenues, murals, etc. The experience that you will have in this place is different to everything you have lived: As you take your first steps through the wide hallways of the museum you won’t know how to react or what to expect until you take your first photo with your smartphone, everything will make sense and you will find yourself embarking on a fun activity that invites you not only to appreciate art but also be a part of it, putting your creativity to test and even your physical abilities.

Explaining can be difficult with words, take a look at these images of our experience.

3D Museum Playa del Carmen What to do in playa del Carmen 3d museum

Museum Playa del Carmen 3D Museum Playa del Carmen


It looks fun, right? Wait until you’re there… you will realize all of sudden it’s been two hours and you’re still having fun. How many photos can you take?  As many as your imagination let you. In what other museum do they let you do take so many photos?

Visiting this museum is an ideal activity for those rainy days or intense heat in Playa del Carmen. Go with friends or family (children and adults will have equal fun), apart from it being something that only in Playa del Carmen you can experience like I said in the beginning, it is the first of its kind in the continent and the biggest in the world created by just one artist.

The 3D Museum of Wonders is located in Plaza Pelicanos on 10th Avenue between 8th and 10th street, it is open every day of the week and you can visit early in the morning and until 10 pm. If you are local and have your ID that proves it, on Sundays, there is a special, so it’s worth taking advantage of.